Myabetic James Diabetes Compact Case

  • From Myabetic, stylish compact case to hold your diabetes testing essentials
  • Available in multiple colors

Myabetic Marie Diabetes Mini Crossbody

  • Store both your diabetes supplies and lifestyle needs in this chic mini crossbody from Myabetic.
  • Available in 3 colors; Black, Gold, and Blush

Myabetic Clemens Diabetes Wallet

  • The Clemens Diabetes Wallet from Myabetic is your case for your diabetes and glucose monitoring supplies, and a wallet all in one.
  • Available in 4 colors; Black, Gold, Pink, and Purple

Myabetic Kids Diabetes Cases

  • Get ready for proud displays on the playground and an adorable new item for show-and-tell. Children will finally be excited to carry their supplies in this fun diabetes case designed especially for them.

Myabetic Eli Diabetes Pouch

  • The Eli Diabetes Pouch from Myabetic is the perfect way to carry only the bare necessities.
  • Available in 3 colors; Black, Blue, and Purple

Myabetic Clark Diabetes Compact Double Zip Case

  • Do you currently use a cosmetic bag, pencil case, or camera case for your diabetes supplies? The Clark Diabetes Compact Double Zip Case from Myabetic was designed just for you!
  • Available in four colors; Black, Pink, Purple, and Blue

Myabetic Thompson Diabetes Carry-all

  • The Thompson Diabetes Carry-all form Myabetic makes it easy to pack all your goods in one organized place.
  • Available in 4 fabrics; Black Leatherette, Black Nylon, Purple Nylon, and Blue Nylon

Diabete-ezy Ezy-fit Case

  • Easily carry all of your daily diabetes supplies
  • Slim, hard shell, durable case features multiple pockets and elastic straps

Diabete-ezy Multi-fit Case

  • Ideal for travel, carries all of your daily diabetes needs and more!
  • Large, hard-shell case with two separated compartments

Lenny ® the Lion Plush and Pump Carrying Case

  • Small plush Lenny the Lion carrying case can be used to store pump during nap time or during the day!
  • Zipper pouch in back can carry insulin pump

Lenny® the Lion Infusion Set Plush Toy

  • Large plush Lenny the Lion, official ambassador for children with diabetes
  • 6 areas on body help children practice infusion set placement and needle injections

Lenny® Kids Tank Tops

  • Cotton tank top with 2 integrated pump pockets
  • Compatible with all MiniMed® insulin pumps

MiniMed® 630G Activity Guard

  • Provides additional protection for your MiniMed® 630G pump during high impact activities
  • Locks over your reservoir to prevent it from being removed.

MiniMed® Paradigm® Activity Guard

  • Attaches to pump to keep reservoir and battery caps secure during activity
  • For use with MiniMed® Paradigm® 5 or 7 series pumps

Screen Film Kit

  • Provides a barrier for your pump's screen from day-to-day surface contacts
  • Kit includes: 3 screen films, cleaning cloth, instructions


Dr. Kaufman's book shows how people with diabetes can use this technology to improve not only their diabetes care, but their lives as well.

Shower Pak®

  • Help keep your pump dry while showing with Medtronic's Shower Pak®