Thompson Diabetes Carry-all

  • The Thompson Diabetes Carry-all form Myabetic makes it easy to pack all your goods in one organized place.
  • Available in 4 fabrics; Black Leatherette, Black Nylon, Purple Nylon, and Blue Nylon

Clark Diabetes Compact Double Zip Case

  • Do you currently use a cosmetic bag, pencil case, or camera case for your diabetes supplies? The Clark Diabetes Compact Double Zip Case from Myabetic was designed just for you!
  • Available in four colors; Black, Pink, Purple, and Blue

MiniMed® 630G Sticker Skins

  • Adhesive sticker decal with printed pattern design
  • Covers back of pump and belt clip
  • Compatible with MiniMed® 630G pumps

Screen Films for MiniMed® Insulin Pumps

  • Provides a barrier for your pump's screen from day-to-day surface contacts
  • Kit includes: 3 screen films, cleaning cloth, instructions

Marie Diabetes Mini Crossbody

  • Store both your diabetes supplies and lifestyle needs in this chic mini crossbody from Myabetic.
  • Available in 3 colors; Black, Gold, and Blush

Ezy-fit Case

  • From Diabete-ezy™, the Ezy-fit Case can carry all of your daily diabetes items in one case.

Clemens Diabetes Wallet

  • The Clemens Diabetes Wallet from Myabetic is your case for your diabetes and glucose monitoring supplies, and a wallet all in one.
  • Available in 4 colors; Black, Gold, Pink, and Purple

Eli Diabetes Pouch

  • The Eli Diabetes Pouch from Myabetic is the perfect way to carry only the bare necessities.
  • Available in 4 colors; Gray, Black, Blue, and Purple

Kamen Diabetes Case

  • If you are looking for a standard case with room for extras, the Kamen Diabetes Case from Myabetic is the case for you.
  • Available in 3, color-block colors; Black/Smoke, Capri Blue/Sky Blue, and Berry Pink/Sunset Orange

Multi-fit Case

  • From Diabete-ezy™, the Multi-fit Case carries everything the Ezy-fit Case carries and more!

MiniMed® 630G Activity Guard

Designed to provide additional protection for your MiniMed® 630G pump during high impact activities, the Activity Guard locks over your reservoir to prevent it from being removed.

Activity Guard for Paradigm® Pumps

  • Offers complete protection of Paradigm reservoir & battery
  • Activity Guard makes it impossible to remove reservoir & battery
  • Cannot be worn with Paradigm Belt Clip


  • Dr. Kaufman's book shows how people with diabetes can use this technology to improve not only their diabetes care, but their lives as well.

Shower Pak®

  • Plastic shower bags
  • Wear around neck or hand on the shower head
  • Holds pump or CGMS while showering
  • 30 per package