Infusion Set Insertion Devices

 MiniMed<sup><font size="1">®</font></sup> Quick-serter<sup><font size="1">®</font></sup> Insertion Device for MiniMed<sup><font size="1">®</font></sup> Quick-set<sup><font size="1">®</font></sup> Infusion Set

MiniMed® Quick-serter® Insertion Device for MiniMed® Quick-set® Infusion Set  

  • Brand new insertion device for MiniMed Quick-set infusion set
  • The new, customer-inspired MiniMed Quick-serter insertion device makes infusion set insertion simpler, quicker, and easier



  • Quick and easy insertions
  • Spring activated
  • Inserts Silhouette at the press of a button
  • Consistent insertion depth