MiniMed® 630G Belt Clip

Slim belt clip designed for use with the MiniMed® 630G pump. Attaches to back of pump and can be clipped on to belt or waistband for easy access to your pump.

MiniMed® 630G Silicone Skins

Soft-to-the-touch molded silicone skins fit snugly over the pump and belt clip.

  • Use a silicone skin to help cushion your pump against bumps, scuffs and scratches during daily activities.
  • Available in 5 colors, each with a unique patterned design.
  • For use with the MiniMed® 630G pump.

Belt Clip for Paradigm® Pumps

  • Wear your Paradigm pump in our clear belt clip on your belt or waistband for easy access

Holster for Paradigm® Pumps

  • Wear your Paradigm pump in our holster on belt or waistband for easy access
  • Wear vertically or horizontally

Silicone Skins

  • Molded Silicone Skin fits snugly over pump and belt clip for a sleek clean look.
  • Available in multiple colors for both 5 and 7 series pumps
  • Silicone Skins help to reduce scuffs and scratches on your pump’s hard case
  • Classic Leather Case

    • Classic black leather case with flap
    • For horizontal pump wear
    • Compatible with MiniMed® Paradigm and MiniMed® 630G insulin pumps

    Sports Cases

    • Clip to waistband or belt with attached clip
    • Rugged design with zippered top
    • Ideal for outdoor activities

    Casual Neoprene Case

    • Available in Black, Blue, Purple, and Pink
    • Can be worn on belt or clipped to waistband with fabric covered metal clip
    • Zipper closure
    • One size fits both 5 and 7 series pumps

    Denim Case

    • The Denim Case is stylish way for Men, Women and Children to wear their pump while keeping it protected

    Adult SPIbelt™ Waist Pouch

    • Low-profile waist belt with expandable elastic pocket
    • Adjustable belt offers a snug, bounce-free fit
    • Fits waist size 25" through 50"

    Comfy Pump Belt

    • From Diabete-ezy™ this light-weight pump belt with built in pockets, fits snug enough to wear while active and is comfortable enough to sleep in nightly.

    Sport Waist Pouch

    • The Sports Waist Pouch features an additional zipper closure under pouch flap to help keep the pump secure and safe during activity.

    Waist Pouch

    • For sleeping, exercising or under clothing
    • Hook and loop fastener keeps pump snug around waist

    Belt for Waist Pouch

    • Separate belt fits the Waist Pouch and Sport Waist Pouch
    • Great option as an alternative way to wear your pump with other accessories on your waist too

    Thigh/Leg Pouch

    • Fits discreetly under clothing
    • Wraps around thigh or calf with special pocket for the pump
    • Can be altered to wear below the knee
    • Pads on inner side of belt prevents slippage

    Belt for Leg Pouch

    • Customize the Leg Belt length to fit your needs
    • Can be cut to fit the thigh, calf and ankle

    Bra Pouch

    • Comfortable, discreet way to wear pump
    • Dual snap strap secures the Bra Pouch the front, side or strap of bra
    • Adjusts to fit particular body shape

    Belt clips for 50X series

    • Designed to secure pump to belt or waistband
    • Available in same colors as your 50x pump